Agra’s 5 Most Beautiful Attractions


Agra in all its beauty is an area placed in Uttar Pradesh in Northern India to be precise. It is home to an outstanding number of well-known and very extensively recognized locations of attraction. Some of those attractions encompass Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Tomb of l’timad-Ud-Daulah, Akbar’s Tomb and ultimately Mehtab Baugh.

This Agra tour is one full of adventure, amusing, mystery, and room for gaining knowledge of new and exciting things. To cross sightseeing in Agra is quite low-cost and very a whole lot well worth the price as you will surely get a fee for your money. Agra tour guides that are authorities authorized are to be had at the Government of India Tourist Office.

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#1 - Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal
The Iconic domed Mughal Mausoleum, affectionately known as Taj Mahal, that means “Crown of the Palace”; Taj Mahal is the most visited area of enchantment in Agra thus far. It became constructed in honor of the spouse of Shah Jahan whose call turned into Mumtaz Mahal. Shah Jahan becomes the ruler of Mughal and his spouse Mumtaz died for the duration of childbirth in 1631 and so her tomb is housed at Taj Mahal. The most important constructing capabilities a gigantic dome and elaborately carved white marble, ornamented with treasured stones. There is likewise a courtyard which holds a reflecting pool described by means of 4 narrow towers referred to as minarets. The tomb itself is a large structure fabricated from marble and is said to be the center of interest for the entire forty two-acre Taj Mahal compound. There is also a mosque and a visitor house in beautifully enthralled gardens bounded by means of crenelated walls on three aspects.

Famous For:

  • Mumtaz Mahal’s Tomb

Visiting Hours:

  • Taj Mahal is opened from half an hour before Sunset up to half an hour before Sunrise every day except Fridays.
  • The attraction is closed on Fridays but is opened to accompany only those persons who need to attend prayers inside the Mosque at Taj Mahal.

Duration of visit:

  • 2-3 hours within normal visiting hours

Tickets (Entry Gate Ticket Counter):

  • Taj Mahal Western Gate-Tickets are available at the Western Gate which is near Saheli Burj one hour before Sunrise and up to 45 minutes before Sunset.
  •  Eastern Gate-Tickets are available before Sunrise and  45 minutes before Sunset.
  •  Southern Gate- Tickets are not available at this gate as this gate is used only for Exiting the complex.
  • Foreign Tourists will pay a total of Rs. 1000 inclusive of taxes.
  • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and The Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectorial Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) citizens will pay Rs. 530 inclusive of taxes.
  • Overseas Citizens of India (OCI), Domestic and Indian Cardholders will pay a mere Rs. 40 inclusive of taxes.
  • There is no entry fee for children under 15 years of age.
  • Persons can also visit an official site called asi.payumoney.com to purchase e-tickets.

#2 - Agra Fort- A tour

Agra Fort

The Agra Fort additionally called “Lal Quila”, “Fort Rogue” or “Qila-I-Akbari” is a monument which was constructed in 1573 whilst one of the greatest emperors, Akbar,  ruled Mughal. The fortress became constructed by means of over 4000 men and women in approximately eight years. In just a few phrases, this fort can be described as a wall-city with its 70 toes excessive partitions and 94-acre floor. The fortress symbolizes wonderful power, energy, and resilience. Entry to the Agra Fort is handiest allowed through the Amar Singh Gate as a part of the fortress is used by the Indian Army. Visitors aren't allowed to set foot in this part of the castle.

Famous for:

  • Jahangir’s Palace (built by Akbar as a private palace for his son Jahangir)

Visiting Hours:

  • 6 am to 6 pm seven days a week which is basically from Sunrise to Sunset

Duration of visit:

  • A tour of the fort lasts for 2 to 3 hours within opening hours


  • Rs. 40 per Domestic or Indian Tourist
  • Rs. 550 per Foreign Tourist
  • No entry fee for children under 15 years of age

#3 - Akbar’s  Tomb

Akbar’s  Tomb

This tomb belongs to the Mughal Emperor Akbar and is located in Sikandra which is inside the Suburbs of Agra. It was constructed from 1605 to 1613 and occupies approximately 119 acres of land. The advent of the tomb first befell by using Akbar himself and was endured by his son Jahangir after his dying. Like the Taj Mahal, the gate of the tomb has 4 white marble minarets. There are writings known as inscriptions at the mausoleum which say “These are the Gardens of Eden; input them to stay ceaselessly”.

Famous for:

  • Mughal-styled Gardens

Visiting Hours:

  • Sunrise to Sunset 7 days a week

Duration of visit:

  • Approximately 1 to 2 hours during normal operating hours


  • Indian Adults- Rs. 15
  • Foreigners-Rs. 200
  • South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) nations-RS. 15
  • Children under 15 years  are allowed to enter for free

#4 - The Tomb of l’timad-Ud-Daulah

The Tomb of l’timad-Ud-Daulah

This is a Mughal Mausoleum affectionately called Baby Taj. The Baby Taj changed into commissioned by Jahangir’s wife Nur Jahan, for her father Mirza Ghiyas Beg, who became given the title” l’timad-Ud-Daulah” because of this “Pillar of the State”. Baby Taj was built from 1622-1628 with white marble partitions ornamented with all kinds of treasured stones like Jasper, onyx, and topaz. The intricacy of all of it is not anything however breathtaking.

Famous for:

  • Stone inlay made from  wine glasses with a perfect geometric structure

Visiting Hours:

  • 6 am to 6 pm seven days a well (Sunrise to Sunset)

Duration of visit:

  • Tours last approximately 2 hours within normal visiting hours


  • Indian Adults-Rs. 10
  • Foreigners-Rs. 250
  • Below 15 years  are allowed to enter for free

#5 - Mehtab Baugh

 Mehtab Baugh

This Mughal-generation lawn is a 25-acre Baugh with a large octagonal tank with 25 very beautiful fountains on the southern component, a small important tank, and pavilion on the East. They additionally call it the moonlight garden as the view of the Taj Mahal beneath the moonlight is nothing but astounding. The lawn is decorated with beautiful aroma-stuffed plant life, breathtaking pools, wonderful fountains, colourful fruit bushes, and windy canopies.

Famous for:

  • Beautiful and tranquil view of the Taj Mahal

Visiting Hours:

  • 6 am to 6 pm daily all week long

Duration of visit:

  • 1 to 2 hours


  • Indians-Rs. 10
  • Foreigners- Rs. 100
  • Children under 15 years old get to enter for free


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