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Located in the Maharashtra district of Gondia, Navegaon National Park is one of the big reasons to visit Maharashtra for a wildlife holiday. Deer Park, Dr. Doctor. The bird sanctuary of Salem and three exotic gardens are the most important parts of the wildlife sanctuary, which makes the park more lively. Back in history, the area where the park now stands was the tribal king of Gond, King Dalpatsha. He (King Dalpatshah) and his queen understood the importance of agriculture; multiple water bodies were built around the park to support this practice and consider the importance of water. All these lakes continue to attract migratory and resident waterbirds, as well as many animals, over time. All these lakes are today excellent habitats for migratory and resident birds of water. Many also support animal life in various ways. All these lakes are in excellent condition today and are one of the many reasons why lovely species seek refuge in the park. 

Tourists can enjoy an exciting experience in the Navegaon National Park in accommodation in the park; Sanjay Kutir (with tree houses) and Youth Hostels are good options. Alternatively, you can drive into the wooded roads. Tigers or leopards may be difficult to find, but the colorful birds and butterflies are sure to appeal to tourists. The park is also a shelter for other species such as spotted deer, sambar deer, langurs, panthers, bison, chital, wild boars, and cockroaches. To look closer at the national park, you should climb to clock towers or visit the museum or library to see a good collection of the region's diversity. Be it for adventure; be it for education; be it for conservation, whatever might be the purpose of tourists, Navegaon National Park promises to enthrall and entertain tourists at every turn. 


  • Famous flora that can be seen in the Navegaon National Park You can find trees in many different shapes and sizes in the vicinity of the park. The shrine is a repository of economic, medicinal and aromatic plant and tree species such as Teak, Haldu, Jamun, Kawat, Mahua, Ain, Bhel and Bhor. 

  • It is undoubtedly the birds that dominate the region, but there are also a number of mammals that can be seen in the region such as Tiger, Panther, Jungle Cat, Small India Civet, Palm Cavet, Wolf, Jackal, Bisons, Sambars, Nilgais, Chitals, Sloth Bears, and Wild Dogs.

  • From the point of view of birdies, the Navegaon National Park is very close to paradise. According to researchers, 60% of the total population of birds found in Maharashtra can be seen in the National Park of Navegaon. Rare birds look at the national park every winter and create a color kaleidoscope in the sky. And to catch the rare sights birds chirping and singing at the top of their voice, and flapping their wings is to visit the lake or watchtower. 

  • Food experts should make the point of enjoying some sumptuous Vidarbha mango and orange burfi. The khoya jalebi is also available in the region.

  • If tourists have additional days or want to explore the area, take a short stop at Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary (60 km), Itiadoh Dam (20 km), Tibetan Camp and Pratapgad (15 km).


To see the park in its true glory, you should visit it from October to May, because the climate is cool; it is also a good time to watch the birds.


You should take a jeep or mini-bus safari to better understand the national park. See below for full safari schedules

07:00 AM to 06:00 PM - October 1 - January 31

07:00 AM to 07:00 PM - February 1 - June 15

The wildlife sanctuary remains closed from June 16 to September 30

All four Wildlife Sanctuary gates – Jambhadi, Kholi, Baki and Pitambertola remain closed on Friday.

1st Oct to 30th Nov6:00 AM – 8:00 AM10:00 AM2:30 PM - 4:00 PM6.30 PM
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb6:30 AM -  8:30 AM10:00 AM2:00 PM – 3:30 PM6:00 PM
1st Mar to 30th April6:00 AM – 8:30 AM10:30 AM2:30 PM – 4:30PM6.30 PM
1st May to 30th June5:30 AM - 7:30 AM10:00 AM3:00 PM – 5:00 PM7:00 PM


By Roadways: From Navegaon, Gondia, and Nagpur regular state buses are available to reach the national park.

By Railways: Gondia Railway Station, 65 kilometers from the sanctuary, is the closest railway station. Buses and taxis are easily available at the railway station to reach the park.

By Airways: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport in Nagpur is the closest airport.


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